Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wet Diaper

This morning Tucker and Charlotte were in the bath. I took Charlotte out, dried her off and put a fresh diaper on her. At that point she immediatley took off running as usual to avoid clothing. By the time I grabbed Tucker a couple of toys to play with in the bath (as per his request) and returned to him Charlotte had already climbed back in, complete with diaper.

Charlotte had her 18 month check up today- a couple weeks past due. I managed to put her hair into one pony-tail. It was cute, but didn't last too long before the sides fell out. She had to get one shot and didn't even cry!

We decided to stop at Sonic on the way home since we were so miserably hot in the car. The drive through was so slow that we were even sweatier and more miserable by the time we got out of there, but the cold drinks were great! My rearview mirror temperature guage read 116 while we were out, and while we were waiting in the drive through it even read 119! It's probably not completely accurate, but it's usually pretty close.


Tori :) said...

Holy Hot!!!
Livie likes to run off before getting dressed too. Silly girls!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Ehh Arizona! My mom puts it like this: "It feels like we live in a convection oven!" I agree.

Charlotte is precious.

amanda p. said...

oh yes we want to go to the lake like next week.... or this weekend. You are the one about to pop! Let us know when would be good in the next little while and we are good to go:) And I would love to take some pictures.... maybe after the little bambino is born (never did belly shots before, kinda nervous to take them) but totally holla back and lets get this lake thing done, my kids love to go and would have a blast with Tucker and Charlotte:) ok and Lee would have a great time with another boy who loves the lake too!

Nancy Face said...

Charlotte's diaper story was funny! She's so cute! She was brave getting her shot, too! 119...Bleh!!! When the wind blows, it feels like we're living in a convection oven...oops, someone already said that, tee hee! ;)

Klin said...

YIKES! Where's the pool, the AC, and the ice cold slushies? does the AC in the car even work much in that kind of heat?

Cute story of Charlotte. Funny girl.

Only 1 week left for you- hopefully. Yay- that should help you a bit witha the heat.

Grace Ryan said...

what the heck.. it's too hot. I think we have the same camera. I'm so glad I live here in the summer... I don't think I remember what it was like being that hot. You are tuff girlfriend

diana said...

we love sonic.

we took our girls to the shepherd pool, but it's not the only jr. high that has a zero-depth entry.

btw, thanks for the stylish ava compliment.