Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No camera= no posting

My camera has been missing for about 2 weeks now. I had to borrow one for the boys party. The most frustrating thing about it, I'm about 98.43% sure that it is in this house. I'm pretty sure a certain 2 year old picked it up and placed it in some magical hiding spot that I won't find for 8 -24 more weeks. I searched the last couple of days, because I wanted pictures of Charlotte ready for her first day of preschool (it was today) and Tucker's first day of 1st grade (tomorrow), but no luck! Errrrrr.

So what else has been on my mind lately?

Hmm. When my family came over for the boys birthday, I figured out that they hadn't been to my house for a year. One year. Before Paisley was born. Does anyone else think that is so insane? I guess since I usually visit their home so often they don't really have to come over to see the kids, but still. We did have the nerve to move 20 whole minutes away from them, so you know. It's not really that big of deal, since we still see eachother. But once in a while, it starts to bother me.

What else? My weight loss has leveled off for the time being. I guess I have to get serious and actually diet now. Boo.

I really want to sign up for a guitar class at a local community college. It's one night a week and it will cost me about $15o. Do you think I should do it?

Other than that I basically spend my days trying to talk myself into getting more organized, telling myself to be a better house keeper, be more productive, invest some time in a hobby, and get back in shape so I can stop feeling like such a big blob of useless crap.


Kathi said...

...big blob of useless crap...I think not! :) Take the guitar lessons, I think I am going to take sewing lessons from Joanne's, just took my sewing machine out of its box and have no clue what to do with it.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

diets are SO overrated. let's play soon ok? we are open every afternoon after 11:30. call me.

stephanie said...

you are so not useless, robin! you are such a great mom and have 4 completely adorable kids to show for it. we should hang out more. 20 minutes is totally not far away.

Skye said...

I wish we had grown up together as teenagers and adults because i think you're awesome. We seriously share the exact same thoughts. Go with the guitar lessons; you deserve to do something for you and a chance to get away from kids.

Anonymous said...

Just do it Robin. Deret is taking guitar this year in school and the two of you can jam together! I lost my camera too and it miraculously appeared in my bike bag? (I had already looked there twice!)

Klin said...

You should take the guitar class. For you. You need to have some Robin time to balance out the mommy time.

You are NOT a blob of useless crap. Hello. You are raising our future. And doing an awesome job. Teaching, caring for, and playing with your children is the most important job there is.

I sure hope you find that camera. I wonder if the two year old remembers where he carefully placed it?

Gina said...

Sorry you were feeling cruddy. I love how honest you are. I hope the camera is found soon. Glad you were able to borrow one for a while.

Love you and miss you tons!

Emily said...

I am a blog of useless crap right now for reading blogs instead of showering while the kids are napping. I cried myself to sleep once this week and am thinking of doing it again right now.
I shudder to think of mom's reaction when she reads this entry but maybe it will motivate her to visit more.