Thursday, August 06, 2009

6 year old Tucker

Tucker (my big boy),
I love you so much! You always want to please me. Sometimes when I give you a choice between two things you will ask if I'll be sad if you choose a certain one or you will ask which one I want you to pick. It's really sweet. You know when you make mistakes and you feel bad. You are currently really into Star Wars The Clone Wars, Transformers, Lego games on the computer( I won't let you have any legos yet, since the few Jackson gave you keep ending up in Paisley's mouth), motorcycle computer games, and Mario. You are good at sharing and you are a good big brother. You want to be special and you really are. You are wonderful at reading and I am surprised at how you figure out how to pronounce difficult words all on your own. I can't believe you are going into first grade! I know you will be a star in your class. Sometimes you can definitely have a temper ( you must have learned that from me:( ) You have always pronounced words meticulously and been very good at speaking, so I love it when you say little things that aren't quite perfect and remind me that you are still just a little boy. For instance you kept showing me the "constructions" to show me how to transform your new Transformer Sideswipe. Cute. You are handsome and strong and I love that you are particular about your clothes and hair. I am so happy that you made me a mother and I will always treasure the 2 1/2 years we had together, just you and me every day. Tucker you are amazing!
Your Mother


Klin said...

I remember looking forward to hearing him say 'bread" every Sunday.

1st grade? Really? I swear he just sneaked out of your house, while you were in the shower and preggers with Charlotte. Boy was I an obnoxious neighbor that day :)

Klin said...

Happy Birthday Tucker! You've always been adorable.

Emily said...

So sweet.