Monday, August 17, 2009

School has started

Charlotte was a little hesitant the first day at preschool, but when I picked her up she was wearing a huge smile and couldn't wait to go again. Her second day she was excited to wear her frog backpack, and she looked so cute. She told me that she loves school! What could make a momma happier?
Tucker got his beginning of the school year blessing from Daddy. He still had some nerves, but was also excited. I should've dropped him off myself, but I let Trent do it.Waiting in the crazy long line to pick him up it was 115 degrees outside and sitting in the car with it idling on the hot pavement my temp reader on the mirror got all the way to 140. Yuck! When I picked him up he was smiling, but told me he had cried a little because he missed me. What a little angel. I felt so bad. Then his second day of school he was pouting after he was home. He told me, " In kindergarten we got rest time, but in first grade we just work every second of the day!" He was exhausted and promptly fell asleep on the couch after dinner. He slept til morning!


Macey said...

umm, so cute!

Klin said...

Holy cute Charlotte! Could she be any more adorable?

Awwwwww Tucker is so sweet. Those darn 1st grade teachers didn't even teach me to read on the first day back in the 70's and now they are working the poor boy to death.

Poor kid.

Gina said...

I've never seen a glimpse of your new house before! Darling home, darling Charlotte! Glad both of them did so well. Loved the Tucker quote about working so hard. What a man!

Emily said...

Poor, tired little Tucker. I love that sleepy guy! And how cute is Charlotte in her froggie backpack?!

Melly Mel said...

first grade??? no way!
i cannot believe it!
140... I almost died when i read that.
miss you robin!!