Friday, August 28, 2009

We're glad to have our camera

Don't be alarmed by weirdo TV lady head in the background. :)

The last few pictures taken before it's disappearance confirm my suspicions about it's abductor.


Busy Bee Lauren said...

That picture of Tucker with the woman in the background freaked me out. haha! Look at her!

Emily said...

Is that a Henry foot confirming your suspicions?

Klin said...

You used a shop vac to clean up the vomit?!

Whoa! That's a lotta puke!

Cute pics.

Fawsons said...

Your posts make me laugh...I wish I checked blogs more often. I want to do the wellness challenge with you. Let me know how it goes...I may do it next time. Maybe I'll try to do it on my own for the time being. Do you like it so far?

Diana Gomez-Anderson said...

Cute pictures, I am glad you found your camera. I hope this week goes better for you. Lets hang out soon.