Friday, August 14, 2009

Anyone up for a challenge?

So right at the time that I am looking for some motivation and push to be healthier, I found out a friend of mine is doing this. (click here to see.)
The more people who join in make the prize more challenging and the prize money (and my motivation) greater. For ten bucks I can't say no. Especially when it will potentially give me the push I need to change my habits! I hope some of you will join with me and maybe I can kick my soda habit for good and eat the fruits and veggies that I always say I am going to. So check it out HERE and lets get started! And hey, I figure the more friends that I get doing it means I can reach out to them for moral support when I feel like quitting.


MeL said...

Oh how I need something motivational like this. I'm thinking about it...thanks for the link and info!

Jillsywillsy said...

Ok, I am in. I just need to take a picture of myself (something I HATE doing).