Monday, August 24, 2009

Still no camera

I haven't really been looking for it lately, because I really don't know where to look anymore.
Anyway, I start my Wellness Challenge today and am looking forward to hopefully being and fitter, healthier, and happier me. When I say happier it is not because I find myself to be unhappy in general, but I definitely have my times. For example, I have found myself cussing under my breath a lot lately. Since Henry learned the word "dammit" a couple of weeks ago, I am at least doing it inaudibly to children ears now :) But I hate the feeling. Why am I doing it? It doesn't make anything better or even relieve any stress. It's pretty much stupid. But yet. . . It seems that I have this problem when it has been a long time since I have had a break. And by having a break, I don't mean going grocery shopping after the kids are in bed or even going to Bunko after the kids are in bed. It means having time to do something that I want to do while someone else takes care of the children, you know, during the day. We've had a couple of dates, but I still feel like I really haven't had a break for a long time. I'm tired. Motivation is low.

Also, I know I am a crappy housewife. Please don't try to say otherwise, that is not why I said that. I hate cleaning (somehow there is no satisfaction finishing a job that is immediately destroyed), don't really like cooking, and can't really afford to beautify my home how I would like to. I know that it's not important to have nice things, but I'll be so grateful to replace the brass hanging light fixtures one day! Eew.

I think that doing this wellness challenge will help because if I can have specific goals that make me feel better, inside and out, I will have more motivation to change in other areas of my life as well. Such as using my time more wisely etc., etc.

Wish me luck!


Skye said...

Good luck. I need to do better with the mutterings too, Kire has said "Good Hell" more than once.

Klin said...

Good Luck. I'm too lazy to take it on right now.

I'm a crappy house wife, too. I did keep a clean house for many years. Now I figure if they want it clean, they will clean it. Bad huh?

WV= dementri Uhm, is it trying to tell me something?

emily and Nate said...

Good luck beautiful Robin! I loved the anniverary pictures you put up.

Bonnie said...

I love the idea of a wellness challenge. Good Luck with it!

Emily said...

I hired a babysitter today from 4-8. It was just what I needed.