Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The birthday boys report

Well, the mustaches were part of our celebration with my family. But about a week before the birthdays we celebrated with Trent's family. Many treasures were given and we all had a great time. I attempted a homemade dairy free chocolate cake. It was alright, but just not flavorful enough. I think we'll stick with brownies or duncan hines yellow cake and classic chocolate frosting for Henry (all dairy free).

When Henry came in our bed on the morning of his birthday and Trent and I greeted him with "Happy Birthday" he quickly responded, "Candles?" Most the day was spent playing with balloons and blowing out candles.

The next day was Tucker's day. He wanted to be reassured several times that although we were having a party two days later that he would have presents to open on the morning of his birthday. He got to go to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa at Fuddruckers and that night he got a special date with Daddy to the Diamondbacks game!

Thursday we had my family over in the evening for dinner, swimming, mustaches, brownies and cupcakes. Although Henry had a fever all day he managed to get in on the fun, quietly. It was a great time with many more fun toys for the boys.


aleisha said...

okay my sister swears by this... take any boxed cake mix. if its light in color odd a can of sprite zero to the mix. if its dark in color add a can of diet coke. add nothing else. bake as directed. wala! you have a cake that is delightful.

Emily said...

Wish I could have been with you all to celebrate.