Monday, May 24, 2010


My littlest girl loves taking the camera and pushing all the buttons. I usually try to keep it out of her sights unless I am holding her. However sometime last week she took it outside and ruined it. I was scolded by Trent (always a good time) and am sad that I have only my cell phone camera to use for the time being. However, maybe since my birthday is coming up, now would be the time to get a real camera, like an SLR. I don't know anything about photography, but I think I could really enjoy a nice camera. I have plenty of children to give me lots of photo ops to practice.

This weekend we went to an early birthday celebration for my Brother in Law Blake. I stole this pictures of Trent and I off my lovely SIL Andrea's blog. Enjoy.


Unknown said...

I thought I shared a birthday with Blake. But that'd be a mighty early birthday celebration.

Trent looks good in a 'stache. Could he grow one in real life?

Elizabeth said...

Sorry about your camera... we have had a few go like that too. Thank you for your kind B Day wishes :-)
You and your hubby are so cute!

Klin said...

Time to get the little one a cheap camera so she will leave yours alone, hopefully. And I'm praying you get a nice one. I want one of those, too. A nice camera, that is.

Emily said...

I love that picture SOOOOO much!