Thursday, May 06, 2010

The latest

This girl is a ham in front of the camera. Her new pretty pose includes legs crossed and hands together on her legs. And you know what else? She can ride her bike without training wheels now!
This kid always does a strange face for the camera and quickly covers his lips when I want to kiss him. Although he always asks me to come back after I give up. And you know what else? He pees and poops in the toilet! It's been quite a while since I had only one kid in a diaper.


Emily said...

Such GREAT pictures!

Elizabeth said...

Excellent news about just having one baby in diapers . Must make life (a little bit) easier.
I just sent you an email... the haed band I am refering to is the blue polkadot one. :-)
Thanks again Robyn.

Klin said...

Cute kids!!! I cannot believe how amazing you look with your new do!

Yay for only ONE in diapers!