Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I am lame. There, I said it. I have been thinking about Mother's Day for a couple of weeks now. I had every intention of handmaking lovely gifts for my Moms and sisters. I had plans to wrap them beautifully.
So how did I end up at the mall at 8pm on Saturday night? I just did. Bath and Body works saved the day.
I did make some cute handprint flower magnets of the kids hands which turned out pretty cute.
I love having a laminator.

It was my first time leading the primary kids through singing in sacrament and it went pretty well, so that was definitely a bonus.

I'll be honest, I was pretty irritated with my husband all day. He made up for it today by cleaning the kitchen before I got out of bed.

The highlights of my day were the paper flowers that Tucker made at school and the one that he wrote on "I'll love you forever" among the other ones that said things like "I'll clean my room and make my bed."
Charlotte felt badly that she didn't have a gift for me. She found the prettiest rock she could find, washed it in the sink " to make it shiny" and brought it to me with a kiss. BEST EVER.

The thing I needed most was the talk in church that made me remember why I'm a mother, how important it is, and how wonderful I can make it. At this moment I am completely resolved to do it better. To speak kinder. To pay more attention. To yell less. To snuggle more. To read more, to play more, to sing more.


Emily said...

You are not lame. All I did was call Mom and told her I would bring her a gift when I came out on Friday (and I still haven't bought anything!). Your kids are ADORABLE!

daveandbri said...

So, I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!!! I always tell Dave I'm going to get mine cut since I've had the same boring medium long hair for forever but he always begs me not too. Anyway, it's totally cute and spunky . .fits you perfectly. I still wish we lived by you . .someday perhaps.

Elizabeth said...

Im glad I am not the only one who is cranky on Mothers Day! I think its because of the expectations verses reality thing (well that is how I feel).
Excellent news that your little one doesnt need speech therapy!