Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More girl time!

Sisters! Emily, Sarah, Karen

My big sister Emily got to come down from Utah for the weekend. She was mainly here to spend quality time with my sister Sarah. Sarah is currently undergoing radiation treatments for her brain tumor. Friday night we were able to all get together (sisters Sarah, Emily, Robin, and Karen) along with Sarah's friend Melissa and her daughter Morgan and my two little girls. Charlotte was so excited to go on a "girl's night" with me :)
This is Sarah in her "Hannibal Lector" radiation mask. I have yet to see it in person.
Then Saturday evening we were able to have Emily and Sarah and her boys over for a tasty grilled dinner and the kids all swam.
Sunday we spent more time with the family at my parents house. It was lovely. I stole some pictures from Emily's blog. I'm sure she won't mind. :)


Macey said...

Good luck to Sarah-what a nice weekend.

Emily said...

How dare you!