Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Kidding

I may have spoken prematurely about Henry pooping in the toilet. I thought after he pooped two days in a row in the toilet we were golden. Turns out I was way off. After those two days, Henry was home with Trent one afternoon and went in his undies. I don't think Trent was very pleased. After that Henry held it all in for 3 entire days before unloading in his pants this morning before I took of his night time diaper:( Sorry for all the bathroom talk. I'm done now.


Macey said...

potty training is hard...I've only gone through it once so far, but this sounds very familiar.

Klin said...

Wheeeew! I can totally shake the jealousy bug now... Monkey Wrench took 4 months to potty train. Aaaand while that doesn't SOUND like a loooong time it sure FELT like FOR.EVER.

Weriously, now. Poor Hank. 3 days is a really long time to hold it.