Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

Wednesday my niece Moqui spent the day with us. She is just 2 weeks older than Charlotte and they were adorable together. They were playing house most of the day and found singing several times. They even braved the pool, though the water wasn't warm enough for me to venture in.

Thursday morning Charlotte was screened for a preschool that works with kids that have certain developmental delays. We (I) was worried that Charlotte wasn't where she needed to be. She can be hard for strangers to understand at times and has trouble with certain letters (F mainly). They told me that she was quite articulate for a four year old and doesn't need speech therapy. I was happy to hear it. We ran to the grocery store on our way home where she took this photo of herself. Then she spent most of the afternoon with Grandma and her cousin Ashlyn for a "princess party". She was so exhausted she was out cold before dinner!

Then when Trent walkied in the door it was time for my girl's night for this month! Boy was I ready. Henry and Paisley haven't been feeling 100% well and there had been a fair amount of crying, and fits and not sleeping well. I had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with Abbie, Mel, Kristen, Diane and Marie. I had such a great time. All fun girls who are so easy to talk too and funny and beautiful! After dinner we walked over to AJ's fine foods where we picked up desserts. We headed back to my house where we met up with two more friends, Kim and Janae. And then we did what women do best. Talked and talked and laughed and talked. I didn't get to bed til almost 2 am! Now I could use a nap.

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Colburns said...

Looks like it was super fun I could have caught up with you guys then the games ended at 9. May I say that your face looks skinnier with your new do!