Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Help! Drapes.

I want some pretty drapes for my front room. I want to find/make or have made some for under $300.

I found custom ones on ebay in this print on linen that come fully lined. Problem: the buy it now price is $425 plus $20 shipping.
I like the prints and colors in these Amy Butler fabrics, which the seller(who is local) told me I could get 15 yards for $7 a yard ($105). But then I have to make them (which I'm not sure would be great as I am not a seamstress by any means or pay someone else to sew them.) It is decorator weight fabric, would I still need to line it?

Or I can always by in cheap store ones a basic color and try to paint the walls cool. What would you do?


Unknown said...

They're lighter weight, but have you searched for sheets that you could turn into drapes? It's an easy way to get a lot of fabric for less money.

stephanie said...

i don't think you would have to line them. unless you needed lots of light control. but if they are just decorative, i wouldn't go to the trouble to line them. you could totally make them!

Colburns said...

Basic Drapes without fringes or sways are a sinch to make you could totally do it!

BrookiesCloset said...

If your windows have blinds that keep out the harsh sun, no, you wouldn't need to line them. But, if you will get any light through the windows (direct or indirect), yes, or it will fade your fabric as well as deteriorate the fibers over time. Even if you pull them to the side, but they still get some light coming in, they will fade in some patches over time. But you could line them with an inexpensive muslin very easily. I hope that helps.

Klin said...

Call Lauren's mommy. She can sew. That would fit in your budget right?