Friday, April 22, 2011

Anniversary Trip

So we want to travel somewhere beautiful this fall to celebrate our ten years of married bliss! Since we will be leaving our four children to be watched by family members, we will limit our trip to 5 or 6 nights. This means we will not be going somewhere crazy far like Japan or Thailand or Australia (although I hope to visit all those places in my lifetime).
I want to go to the Caribbean. Specifically, I think St. Lucia is my first choice. Although I would be happy going to Aruba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, or probably any of the other islands in the area as well. Some major pros for the Caribbean are:
There are many adult only resorts
Almost all of the resorts are beachfront
scuba diving and snorkeling possibilites are endless
some of the islands have rainforests as well as gorgeous beaches (st. lucia)
travel time is a little longer
flights through Delta (which we have skymiles for) are not very frequent and usually have a lengthy layover in Atlanta

Another option we are considering: Hawaii
Trying to research a trip to Hawaii is overwhelming, I don't know where to start.
I guess it's similar to the Caribbean in the fact that there are many different islands and I'm not sure which one best suits our needs/wants for the trip. With such a short trip, I don't think it would be wise to try to see everything we'd like to see in Hawaii. I am sure we could take a day trip to another island than the one we stay on. Any lodging that is luxurious and romantic in Hawaii is very expensive. There are expensive places in the Caribbean as well, but there seems to be more inexpensive options. Since this is a romantic celebration trip I do want to stay at a nice clean place with a large pool and good views and modern rooms, so maybe I am just expecting too much. I am trying to find places under $300 a night for something nice and not too crowded. I would love any insights from those of you who have been to Hawaii. Send me an email-please!

Another option- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The thing I like about this option is that it is the closest, but still has supposedly beautiful beaches along with rainforest as well. It just seems less exotic and exciting to me.

I want to go somewhere with lovely beaches, a nice rainforesty area to hike in (ideally with some waterfalls), snorkeling, delicious food, beautiful sunsets, and some sightseeing. I don't care much about shopping or golfing or casinos or nightlife.
I still have (about) 5 months to plan. I would love to hear anyone's input!


Emily said...

Puerto Vallarta may not seem exotic right now but it is SO different from the desert-y parts of Mexico you have already seen, so that is actually a good option (plus good, cheap food). You don't need a nice pool at your hotel in Hawaii, the water is tons warmer than CA or spring in Rocky Point. Just two thoughts. I'll email you more about Hawaii after I think about cheap options a bit.

Elizabeth said...

I have nothing of value to add ... except if you do ever come to Aus you are very welcome at our
place ;-)

I love that you are organising a trip away for just the two of you. I cant wait to hear more about it.

Unknown said...

I've been to Hawaii 3 times but only on the island of Ohau. If you go there let me know, I know all the fun places to go and good places to eat that I still dream about. Its a magical place. I'm sure Emily could tell you a ton about it too.

Libby said...

I'd say the Carribean or Jamaica. They are much prettier than Hawaii! Much more tropical, the water is 10 times more clear, more wildlife and WAY CHEAPER than hawaii! Cabo San Lucas is also better than Puerto Vallarta in my opinion. Check out the Esperanza!