Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I love food

Eating out is pretty much my favorite thing to do. I love to try new places and things. I try to stay away from large chain restaurants if I can help it. The Mesa/Gilbert area is not as full of variety and options as Scottsdale or Phoenix, but there is still plenty of places that I haven't tried around here that I would like to. some of the places I go are chains and that's okay too.
I recently tried Culinary Dropout in Scottsdale (where my gorgeous little sister works) and the dishes I tried were wonderful.

 Mmm. Food.
I'm pretty sure my kids are such "good eaters" because of my good example :)

Every time we go out, I always have the hardest time trying to decide where to go. Trent doesn't really care, except he prefers that we don't go Italian since he hasn't found a place he likes. I am always wanting to make the perfect restaurant choice and then the perfect menu item choice. I am that person that takes forever to decide. Trent says I pick like it is my last meal. So, I decided to make a list to refer to for my future ventures eating out locally. I would love to hear any of your additions, local or otherwise. Where is your favorite place to eat and why?

Some places I like to go near here are:
Pei Wei
Ichi Ban
Crackers (breakfast and lunch)
Waldo's BBQ
Pita Jungle
Costa Vida
California Pizza Kitchen
Liberty Market
Kona Grill

Some places that I am hoping to try soon in my area:
Tum Nak Thai
Sushi Avenue
Pita di VITA
Salsa Cabana
Croshaw's Gourmet Pies
Romeo's Euro Cafe
Blue Adobe Grill
Giant Hamburgers
Streets of New York

P.S. Abbie, you need to start doing Foodie Fridays again or some variation of it!


Macey said...

Those looks yummy. I Love Costa Vida and I really want to try Karen's place. And I vote for more Foodie Friday's by Abbie too :)

Unknown said...

We also love a place called "My Arepa"

Its on Valvista and Southern that serves Venesuelan food. Very good.

And if you want a good burger and fries you should try "Smash Burger"

Elizabeth said...

I love food too! I also love hearing about what other people are eating too.