Saturday, April 16, 2011

GNO April 2011

Had our monthly girl's night on Thursday. Sushi and a movie. It was so great. Better turnout than usual (12 people at dinner, 6 stayed for a movie). We took our time at dinner and had some really tasty stuff. I tried baked mussels. I didn't hate them but the texture was weird. Four Seasons had an Ace Roll as a special and it was probably the tastiest sushi I have tried thus far. All the rolls were good and the fried rice looked great too.

 Lauren, Abbie, Mel, Karen
 Me, Karen (my sister), Amber (will be my SIL next month), Lauren (my SIL)
 Abbie, Mel, Katie, Kim, Me, Cassi, Kristen, Janay, Stephanie

After dinner we ran to QT to grab some soda and snacks, then we went to see The Source Code, which was good entertainment. I'm no movie critic, but I enjoyed it. And after that, 5 of us hung out in Cassi's car chatting for another hour or so. I loved the whole night!


Unknown said...

I'm so glad these horrible pictures of me are on the internet in like 5 different places now.

Emily said...

Can we do a relatives GNO while I am in town?