Sunday, April 10, 2011

Charlotte's field trip

Thursday Charlotte and I headed off on a school bus to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Thankfully Kathi took Henry and Terrie took Paisley for me to get to spend some quality time with Charlotte. It was awesome! I was possibly more excited than Charlotte. She had never been on a bus before and told me it was weird that it had no seat belts. She had a blast waving to all her classmates all over the bus.

There were so many fun things for kids there: The noodle forest, the climbing maze tree thing, the grocery store, the kitchen, the art room, tricycles, fort room, and more. We will have to go back soon with Henry!

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Emily said...

We went to the Discovery Museum in SLC on Friday and LOVED it. Made me wish I was a carpenter, etc. so I could build cool treehouses and awesome playthings into our home like they have there.