Monday, October 02, 2006

I love the weekend!

Friday Trent called me from work and said he'd been offered some great tickets for the Diamondbacks game that night and would I want to go. Get out of the house with my husband, be around grown people, at a sports event. Absolutely! He said he had four tickets and we could bring the kids, how sweet. I proceeded to call my mother and ask her if she would like to have my kids over for a couple hours. She happily agreed. Thanks Mom! Now we could even invite another couple. I called my sister in law and asked if she and Blake would like to join us. They were actually planning on going to the game already, but took the offer of better seats and sitting with us for company. I was happy to be going out without children, and with a fun couple. Yipee!
I am not a huge sports fan by any means. I absolutely cannot sit on my couch and watch a baseball, football, or basketball game. But being at a stadium with the real thing I really enjoy. Go figure. I had a great time. And very overpriced nachos with jalapenos.

Saturday I made a Wal-Mart run with only one of my children, yay for a 3 year old who wants to stay home and watch his dad mow the lawn. I came home, made the present for the baby shower I was supposed to be at around 1:00 and left the kids(tucked in for naps) with their dad as I headed out the door at 1:30. I enjoyed a fun time eating yummy shower food (is it possible I forgot about lunch? Wow.) and joking around with my old roommates Lindy(whom the shower was for) and Caroline. I am not actually sure how to use the word whom correctly.

This is Lindy holding the "taggie" I made her.

This is what happens when I am gone for 2 hours. Not the bath, the big red bump on my baby's noggin.
Anyhow Sunday was conference and that meant enjoying the day at home with my family. Although I didn't have to stress about getting ready for church on time with the kids or planning a lesson, still I managed to get irritated before worship time. Some petty argument with Trent. I never feel spiritually prepared on Sundays. It is something I really need to work on. Thank goodness for the Ensign, because I will need to read everything again to get all I want out of it. We got a lot of cleaning done around the house, probably not the best Sabbath activity, but it's so much easier when the husband is home and willing to help that I couldn't possibly say no.
Well the weekend ended in kissing and snuggling and the like. Yada yada yada, Charlotte woke up three times and I'm really tired today.


Tori :) said...

I'm so glad you posted about what it's like to go out without kids. I've forgotten...
Miss ya!

Gina said...

I am glad you had an awesome weekend! GREAT PHOTOS! Cute Taggie!

I have you beat last night... I was up with him 5 times. And more than that the two nights previous... AHHHHH!

Emily said...

Loved the proper usage of "yada yada yada." I don't know how to use "whom" either and I teach English! I shouldn't admit that. That picture of you and Trent is adorable!! Blake definitely looks like Trent. What is his wife's name? Charlotte is beautiful, even with the sad, red bump. Tucker again made me laugh, or maybe it was your clever writing style... watching the lawn get mowed... love it.

Susan said...

I heard you want a driving buddy to tucson if Abbie ever has a baby. I'd really only be able to go on a weekend. Maybe we could read conference to each other cause no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to stay awake.