Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh baby

Abbie finally had her baby saturday night. I will probably have to wait until Saturday to go see her and I can't wait!
Tucker had his first soccer game on Saturday. He cried pretty much the whole way there, cause he was tired and he didn't want to wear shin guards. Once we got there he was okay with the shin guards, but started crying when he was asled to play. So he chose not to start and sat on my lap drinking water for the first few minutes. I convinced him it actually was fun to play soccer with other kids and he went on the field willingly when the coach asked him the next time. He never actually made contact with the ball or really got the hang of anything, but he ran back and forth all the same. It was entertaining, but still very hot (we'll need a shade umbrella this week). Trent now sees what he needs to help Tucker learn and is promising himself he'll make a practice goal for Tucker with pvc pipe. I think as long as Trent can make it to practices to help coach Tucker things can only improve. Right? I think it is mostly just good for Tucker to be involved in a team, and have to take direction from other adults. I felt bad I didn't get him in preschool this year, but I think this is a good activity. At least he still has next year for preschool to help prepare him for school. Besides, with all the cheeseburgers and corndogs this kid eats, we need him doing all the physical activity he can. Thank goodness it is almost perfect weather to start going out to the park. I can't find my camera right at this moment so I will add pictures from the game very soon.

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Tori :) said...

Sounds fun! I don't have Taj in soccer because I'm too busy going to T, A and Isabel's things. Ugh. I'm tired. Anyway- Tucker is a smarty and will do fine whether he goes to preschool or not. I can't get Taj to sit still long enough to teach him to draw a circle and Tucker is like doing live model sketches already!! :)