Thursday, October 05, 2006


Front and Back

Yesterday I finished a baby blankie I've been working on. Flannel is kind of a pain to work with. I am still getting familiar with my sewing machine and well, sewing in general. It's not perfect, but I am very pleased with the results. That being said, you probably couldn't pay me enough to make another one of these. I am going to stick with the simpler kind, which I should have one done soon to show. Sewing is so cool. I love the feeling of having made something myself. Seeing tangible evidence of my hours of work. A finished project is such a feeling of accomplishment. I have told Trent that I hate housework. I feel I am probably not alone in this respect. I know that it is part of being a homemaker and that having a clean, organized home is important for various reasons. I think there are several things that make it difficult for me.
1. It is very rare that the whole house is clean at once-therefore I feel little sense of accomplishment.
2. It doesn't last, which means it is constantly ongoing. Once again, no sense of accomplishment and very little evidence of what I've done.
3. Little, if any rewards. I rarely get a thank you or any mention that anyone has noticed my efforts. I suppose my monthly spending budget could be considered my paycheck, but that is a stretch. This isn't really a complaint, so much as an observation. Men generally work in a system that has very visible rewards. Paychecks, promotions, raises, pats on the back, verbal enforcement ( Nice work, Trent. We want to keep you here for a very long time, Trent. Use my cabin Trent, use my four wheelers. Here's a $500 cell phone. ) I supppose all this is to enhance his job, so I can liken it to me getting a new mop or vacuum. I suppose the rewards of housekeeping can be a sense of pride, self worth, a happy husband, a calm, less chaotic environment. Those things are just harder to see and appreciate, I suppose.

Anyhoo. Wednesday night Tucker had soccer practice. Trent was in Flagstaff yesterday and didn't make it home in time to go. Bummer. Tucker was cute and did pretty well considering we've never really told him anything about soccer other than, you kick a ball with your feet. He liked doing drills where each kid had their own ball, but when it was one ball and a bunch of kids, he wasn't all that interested. That should make for an interesting game day Saturday.


Tori :) said...

I wish you had stayed here. We could have learned to sew together. The blanket looks great!!

Emily said...

As I said to a parent earlier today, "Three year olds just really aren't into sharing, it's not just your kid."
And though I LOVE having a clean house (or even part of the house), since I've been pregnant I like housekeeping even less! My best motivation is to invite someone over to the house (friends, missionaries, anyone...) then it's guaranteed that I'll do a little more cleaning than usual.

Gina said...

As you know, I am a bit anal when it comes to housework. It's not that I am totally obsessive, but some days I am. It's weird that I have to have a clean sink and tidy living room, but I have junk piles on my dining table and island... and they don't go away... like EVER! Sorry you are frustrated.

Tucker looks so perfect! He is so handsome and adorable! I miss you all so much!

Anonymous said...

i just read your last two blogs... looks like you've been a busy sewer, is that blanket for abbie? i have been sewing like crazy in the past two months for my little business. i've been making all sorts of baby things. i would sew all day if i could. as for housework, not so much. i actually like to clean 'cause i love having a clean house but i definitely drag my feet.