Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The other 50

51. I worked at Brick Oven Restaurant as the “Host Captain” while I was pregnant.

52. My 22nd birthday was spent being big and pregnant and nursing my husband back to health from his shoulder surgery.

53. We bought our first home in Provo and moved in about 2 weeks before I gave birth.

54. Tucker was born July 28, 2003. He was 3 days late. After my mom made me drink castor oil I wasn’t worried about pooping on the delivery table. I was emptied out.

55. I am so glad I haven’t had to go back to work since I became a mom! Being a waitress/hostess isn’t really a fulfilling career that I miss.

56. In Utah I met Gina, Tori and Michelle. Lifelong friends and blogging buddies.

57. I had my second baby, Charlotte on December 26, 2005 (her due date). What an easy labor and delivery! I still can’t believe that I have 2 kids.

58. We moved back to Arizona in June. We are renting again which sucks. It is way too hot to be October and there are no changing leaves.:(

59. I miss real seasons.

60. I miss school.

61. I miss pole-vaulting.

62. I miss romance. Being scooped up and carried. Kissing being just kissing, not foreplay. Back rubs, face touching. Whispering and giggling. Being alone together.

63. I miss being skinny. But even more than that, I miss being strong.

64. I miss doing my drawing. That’s my own fault. So is the skinny thing.

65. I miss many friendships that I’ve lost since high school. Here in mesa, I have been able to reconnect a little though. I’ve seen Raan-she and I pole-vaulted together in high school and against each other in college. She always beat me. She set me up with Trent. I’ve seen Diana, we mostly hung out sophomore and junior year. We had some similar taste in guys. I’ve also gotten to see Liza. We bonded years ago when our dads worked together in Wyoming. I hope I get to see them all even more.

66. I’ve got really great in-laws.

67. I am really moody and emotional.

68. I wish my boobs were a little bigger, but not huge.

69. I wish my butt was a little smaller, but not tiny.

70. I like my nose.

71. I like chocolate. I like dark chocolate. I’m not a fan of white chocolate. Unless it is in a white chocolate chip, macadamia nut cookie. Mmmm.

72. I love being a mom. I love nursing. I think women should be able to whip out a boob wherever, whenever (for nursing, that is). Without getting dirty looks!

73. I miss me time though. I hate feeling guilty for wanting time off, because that means Dad would have to step in or I would have to pay a babysitter. Trent’s time seems to be untouchable, he has “stuff to do”. After all, when else is he supposed to do little things if he can’t do them on Saturdays? Am I sounding bitter? I probably am.

74. I would love to learn: to be a great cook, to play guitar, to speak Spanish, to sew more than a straight line, to not yell, and to communicate effectively with my spouse. All things that I think are not too out of reach.

75. I need to lose 15 pounds.

76. I need to drink more water.

77. I need to stop interrupting people. Listen better.

78. I am not scared of heights, but I am scared of falling from a high height.

79. I love working with teenagers. I think it would be fun to teach or be a counselor at a high school.

80. I love clothes. I wish I had money to buy some.

81. I hate to admit it, and I wish it weren’t true, but I do care what people think of me. I thrive on compliments, attention, and affection. I struggle with the lack of those things. Shallow? I hope not.

82. I try not to offend people. I try to be likeable, funny, and am careful about my appearance. I wish I was less concerned about most of this stuff. I try to be a people pleaser and I think sometimes it stops me from being or saying what I really want or how I really feel.

83. I tent to be hot and cold. Things are great or things are awful. I rarely feel things are just going okay.

84. I love my religion. I don’t think my life has been anything but enhanced by it. I know that I have been a happier, freer person when I am following its teachings and practices.

85. I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. It’s pretty much always sucked. I suppose it all started with being dumped by my 9th grade little boyfriend that day. I also haven’t had much luck with anniversaries.

86. I have vivid dreams.

87. I am a cat person.

88. The only roommate I still keep in touch with is my good friend Lindy. She is someone I can be totally silly and blunt and weird with. We met while working at the Landmark Restaurant-yummy salad room!

89. I like good teeth.

90. No one could ever convince me that Trent isn’t the most beautiful man on earth. And the best kisser.

91. After our first date I thought Trent was a little boring.

92. After our second date I thought, “Why does this guy keep asking me out? He doesn’t even seem to like me.” Sometimes I still wonder if he likes me.

93. I’ve never ridden a horse. I want to.

94. I’ve never been to a bed and breakfast. I want to.

95. Before I die I want to travel to: Hawaii, China, Europe, and New York.

96. I hate cardio. I like lifting weights.

97. I make lists. Every day. Grocery lists, to do lists, to buy lists, to call lists. This 100 things about me list has been pretty hard since about number 70.

98. I have beautiful, smart, perfect, healthy, strong children. They are the greatest blessing in my life. I love being pregnant and I love the miracle of birth (I have been very fortunate to have had things really easy in that department). It is so amazing the pure unconditional love they give and the meaning they add to my life.

99. I love rain. I love its smell. I love the memory of Abbie and me running through the pouring rain in our clothes getting soaked. We were 15 or 16 and we just ran and played in the warm rain like little kids. It was a great day.

100. I have a wonderful, smart, hard working husband. He always smells good. He makes me mad sometimes. Mostly though, he makes me happy.


Tori :) said...

I would also love bigger boobs and a smaller butt. I love good teeth. I could lose 15 pounds and my ex-husband moved out on Valentine's day.
Miss you!

Tori :) said...

Your muscles rock in that picture!! Holy cow!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could remember taking that picture and what the heck happened to those pants.. (are those even mine)

Gina said...

Ditto what Tori said!!! And you enjoy being pregnant??? Whoa!

Agreed that your children are perfect! Really, you two make good lookin', strong ones!

Emily said...

I love you. And I love that picture of Tucker biting Trent's ear! On our trip, mom said that you must get your outspoken-ness from me cause it's not from her:)

Anonymous said...

you weren't kidding when you said you had some ugly pictures of me.