Thursday, May 07, 2009


Paisley at her finest.

And a random question to all you crafty people. I am wanting to make some flower clips for myself and my girls. What clips do you like best ( prong, snap, comb, barrette)? And what do you find holds them best, magical glue or sewing or what (some of my hot glue flower clips for Paisley have fallen off their clips)?


Busy Bee Lauren said...

I have read a lot of tutorials that suggest to use snappy barrettes for children. I will find a tutorial and send it your way.

Caroline C. Bingham said...

yeah, you need the kind that close completely especially if she's prone to pulling them out (like mine) And I always sew 'em. It's a pain, but then they last.

For BLAYNE though, she can wear the double prong clips because she likes bows. And I've hot glued some flowers on those for her and haven't had a problem. Are you using the right kind of hot glue? Because they have different kinds. (lame, I know.)

Emily said...

That video was absolutely delightful:)