Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mother's Day Week: Sisters in law

Not only have I been blessed with 4 great sisters (I left my 10 year old sister Claire out of my last post because I don't really consider her a woman yet, and thought it would be weird to wish her a happy Mother's Day.), but I've also been greatly blessed with many wonderful and beautiful sisters in law as well.


Intelligent, athletic, thoughtful and kind. Makes an excellent pie. Really fun and easy to be around. A hard worker, like the rest of her family.


Sweet, gentle, and loving. A great example of spiritual strength and patient mothering.


Stylish and girly. Thoughtful. A great listener. The perfect hostess, she always has all the great finishing touches, great food, and the little extras that make every gathering special.


Always put together. Her children always look perfect. Talented with hair. Cute home. Organized and thoughtful and helpful. I think she does my dishes every time she comes over!


So sweet and lovable. The kids gravitate to her. An avid reader. Always taking pictures of all the kids at our Sunday dinners.

Not the best picture, and Andrea and I are pregnant in it, but it's all the P* family sisters.


Talented masseuse and reiki master. Sensitive and loving. Appreciates nature and the magic of the universe.

Lauren, (picture stolen from her blog.)

So stylish. Her clothes, her home, fabulous! Preparing for a career in interior design. Sweet and soft spoken in person, and oulandishly funny in blogland. Not to mention, practically famous in the world of blogs and Twilight fans!

I can't express how lucky I am to have these women in my life. I feel I have connected with each of them in a unique way and they have all helped me since they have been in my life. I love you and couldn't be happier with the sisters that marriage has brought me. Thank you for being there for me always. I hope you each have an incredible Mother's Day and know that you are amazing women! My one complaint-it's hard on the self esteem being surrounded by these lovelies all the time, including my real sisters!


Busy Bee Lauren said...

Awww...you are too kind. Seriously though, you are too nice. I am not that fashionable :)

Emily said...

We are lucky to have such great sisters-in-law.

Andrea and Blake said...

you aren't so bad yourself - hehe! thanks for being such a great example of unconditional love toward everyone! you are darling and such a creative artist... happy early mothers day! love you