Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mother Load

I hope my two moms had a great Mother's Day! They must have since they got to see me! Ha.

To my Mother in law Terrie. Thank you for always making me feel like a part of the family and even an important part. Thank you for hosting Sunday dinners with all the siblings. We all love spending time together and you make it a priority. Thank you for the wonderful Grandmother you are to my children. Thank you for making my life easier and always helping with the kids without hesitation. You are lovely and always stylish. You are dedicated and strong willed. Thank you for raising a wonderful son that is a truly wonderful partner and companion. I cannot thank you enough for all you do and all that you are. I love you!

How can I ever thank you for raising me in the gospel of Jesus Christ and making me who I am? Mom I love you. I love being able to call you up when I feel lonely or overwhelmed by little children. I love our talks. You are so crazy and cookey and can always make me (and everyone around you) laugh. You are endlessly silly ( a trait I may have inherited a bit). You are beautiful and petite. How I wish I was built like you! My kids adore you and wish they could play with you every day. Thank you for having special sleepovers with them. Thank you for spending so much of your life raising us. Thank you for giving me so many wonderful sisters and brothers that fill my life with joy. Happy Mother's Day and 35th wedding anniversary to you!

This is my mom at age 28 after having four kids. I am at that same point in my life and am nowhere near as pretty or svelte. What a babe!


Skye said...

what a hottie

Kathi said... 30 with 3...wish that was my bod...we still on for jogging tonight :)

Emily said...

That is a great pic of mom:)