Friday, May 22, 2009

Tubes for Hanky

In with the tubes. . . Out with the fluid and chronic ear infections.

Henry came out of the procedure screaming mad. He was inconsolable for about half an hour. Quite a difference from Tucker's docile reaction after getting his tubes over 3 years ago.

Now that Henry has perked up and eaten he is back to his happy and silly self. I don't think he was in pain (they gave him a nice rectal tylenol for that- he was asleep, don't worry). I think he just didn't like the feeling of coming off the anesthetic.

I was a little frightened of getting the tubes for him, mostly because there is always a small amount of risk when general anesthesia is used. However, I also don't feel it is healthy to have him constantly taking antibiotics and being in continual pain. So it is done. And we are relieved.

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Klin said...

It can be scary coming out of general, poor Henry. Yeah I was too lazy to spell the other word ;)