Monday, May 18, 2009

Last week

We spent most of our play time with Aunt Emily and cousins Jonah and Elora. Henry and Jonah got along swell. Paisley and Elora played quietly next to each other several times. We enjoyed Friday night with Lindy and her girls. Lindy got my birthday present early and I will have two full months to look forward to it. We will be seeing Jewel live in concert in July! Tucker had his last soccer game of the season. ( I still need to crop all the action shots)
We went in the pool at least once each day. Anyone who wants to join us in the pool needs only to give us a call.


Klin said...

Sounds like fun. Is that Emily sitting on the side of the pool?

You guys have cute kiddos.

Emily said...

Missing you already. Great photos! What a great b-day present, Lindy, have fun!