Monday, May 04, 2009

Time for me to shake it up and do some new tricks

I never made any new year's resolutions. I didn't really feel like it. But today, at this moment, I feel the need and the desire for changes in my life. There are so many things I need to improve on that this could be a very long post. So I will stick to a few.


-Start having consitant Family Home Evenings every Monday night, with a lesson and everything. (Any suggestions for where to get fun ideas for little kidlets would be great) I am thinking I would like to get a felt board.

-Scripture study every day (I've been seriously neglecting this.)

-Praying more frequently and sincerely


-Running three evenings a week. My friend Kathi and I are supposed to start tonight! I am actually excited. We went Thursday and while I have little endurance right now. We walked/jogged a little and then did some sprints at the field by the park. It got me sore and excited to get stronger and more fit.

-Eating well, drinking water, and cooking healthy meals for my family

-Smiling more and getting dressed before 1pm might be good for me too.


-Show more patience, kind words, and personal attention to each person in our home.

-Work on developing skills and talents (find time to draw, sew, and learn)

-Be a better house keeper and make a schedule to help me

Like I said I could go on and on. I feel like it is important to write this down while I am really wanting to improve. So in a week when I might not be feeling it as much I can remind myself.


Andrea and Blake said...

for fhe ideas -

try these - We are going to make home made donuts for fhe as our treat and watch a church cartoon for the lesson - Ashlyn loves those movies

Klin said...

What Andrea said.

Sugar doodle was what I was going to say.

As for the flannel board- opt for putting magnets on the pictures and using your cooking sheets or pick some up from a thrift store. Kids love them and flannel wears out faster than magnets.

Your list is some of my list. Especially FHE. I've been sucking at this lately. I have no small children and my big kids are willing. It's all me :(

Cassi said...

That is awesome. So Proud of you. It is crazy how it just makes you feel better and treat everyone else better when you do stuff for you. I need to work on everything you said also. So good job.

Emily said...

Oooh, love Kaelyn's magnent idea. I've really got to work on scriptures and exercise too. Maybe we could make a weekly phone date to check on how the other one is doing.

Emily said...

Oh, and FANTSTIC picture of Henry.

Gina said...

Great list! I know you can pull it all off! I need to be better at making lists and putting them where I can see them.

I think you need to kick it all off with reviewing your Patriarchal Blessing then asking Trent for a blessing so you'll have the stamina to make this all happen over time. You are a go getter! I love you and admire you so much!