Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

I hope you all had a nice weekend.

A few highlights from ours:

-Friday morning Henry gets tubes.

-Friday night, father and sons campout.
We girls went to dinner with a couple friends and Paisley behaved wonderfully the entire dinner.

-Saturday evening, dinner and visiting with Trent's family at Bart and Dusti's.

-Sunday a trip to Urgent Care with Charlotte.( I was having flash backs from her last trip to the Urgent Care.) I was teaching primary when Charlotte was brought to me bleeding quite heavily from her right thumb which had been slammed in a heavy door. There were no fractures. I have never seen the poor girl in so much pain. I think she was in shock a little bit too, because mixed in with the hysterical screaming her teeth were chattering. It was heart wrenching.

-This morning Trent took Tucker to a motocross track where they rode bikes and dirt bikes. Tonight we swam and grilled out and I am ready for a quiet night in bed.

Look at my husband. Man alive, he is good looking!


Klin said...

Poor Charlotte. How did Henry do with the Father and Sons?

I'm a little bit jealous that you have a pool. Only a little bit because if I had one my kids wouldn't do a thing that I asked them.

Emily said...

Man alive, those shuggie buns are darling!