Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ear infections

They say breastfed infants aren't as likely to get ear infections, or get like way less. That rule doesn't apply to this houshold I guess. Tucker had terrible chronic ear infections and ended up getting tubes last September and hasn't had a problem since. Yesterday Charlotte woke up from her morning nap and wouldn't eat(very unusual) and was screaming for no apparent reason. I pretty much knew right then she had an ear infection. The doctor got us in at 2:30, my wonderful husband came and took Tucker to the shop with him, what a relief! Yes she is quite congested and has fluid in both ears, mainly the left one. If she still won't eat and starts showing signs of dehydration (sticky mouth, no wet diapers, or sunken eye balls) bring her back in immediately. I had to feed my baby breastmilk from a medicine dropper. I got a couple teaspoons in her after I gave her her medication. Then finally at 7:45 pm she breastfed, 10 HOURS after her last feeding. She did okay eating a couple times during the night, but is not wanting to eat again this morning so who knows how today will go. He said the antibiotic takes a couple days to really take effect. Well wish me luck, cause I will have no husband for the weekend, I hope she starts feeling better soon. Nothing is harder than watching your baby suffer and being able to do so little about it.


Gina said...

I am here for moral support... call and I will come over to be with you. Sorry these past 24 hours have been so rough.

Anonymous said...

robin--you have such a fun, cute blog. i am impressed with how current you keep your entries. this will make it so easy to see how people are doing during the summer.

Tori :) said...

Ear infections are the worst- especially when they are too little to tell you. :(