Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Random Robin factoids

You may or may not know or care that Robin:

  • has never been stung by a bee, wasp, or scorpion
  • does not like curry
  • is a sugar fiend
  • used to write poetry
  • has worked as: a paperboy (delivering the Mesa Tribune with Abbie has left me with many fond memories), a floor associate at Ross, at Gold's Gym, a waitress at 4 restaurants and host captain at 1,and a receptionist at a hair salon for 5 weeks
  • Loves Mexico for the beaches and food, not cheap beer and skanky tourist girls
  • Has an allergic reaction to spider bites and perkaset-I have no idea how to spell it so I did it phonetically
  • The only card games I really play and like are Uno and Skipbo and I recently learned Set
  • Has a hard time falling to sleep most nights and can't shut up my brain, when I stop thinking about stuff then music pops in and sadly it is usually from one of Tucker's cartoons (for example today it's The Backyardigans song Eureka "Hey Eureka, when you finda what you seeka Eureka, Eureka.... I hope someone is singing along)
  • used to be stronger at weight lifting than any other girls I know, and could beat a few boys in arm wrestling
  • Has tried twice to donate blood unsuccesfully-I get sick from the dumb finger prick
  • Has lived in Arizona (2 seperate time periods), California, Utah (2 seperate times), and Wyoming
  • Sucks at miniature golf and bowling and countless other things
  • Likes pancakes with sour cream and jelly


Tori :) said...

Very interesting!!
I may have to copy your "Random Robin Factoids" for my blog. Help me think of a catchy title for my facts...
I also did a paper route, but I was married with 2 kids and one on the way... Sad, I know.:(

Gina said...

Don't forget Sequence!!! We kick butt!

The Mesa Tribune is a customer of mine. Ha!

Jake said...

You're so much like Abbie, it's amazing. Well, actually, the only think you have in common is that you can both beat me at arm wrestling. So I guess you're not all that similar, except in that one, very important way.

Anonymous said...

ummm....pancakes with sour cream and jelly...eww