Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Good times

Yesterday evening Trent's grandparents-Grandma and Grandpa Summers came over on their way from their winter home in St. George to their home in Rexburg. We went to Cafe Rio for dinner(yummy). Tucker absolutely loves playing with them and seeing their parakeet Pepper. They stayed the night and left this morning after breakfast and a little more time with the kids. Since we went to dinner Charlotte missed a nap and then when she finally fell asleep around 9 she decided to wake up every two hours all night!Aaaargh. Not fun! She is the same as Tucker in that she will not take a binki (lid as Tucker says) and wants to nurse to relax all the time. I am so sore again lately.
Shortly after our grandparents left my friend Candace from Wyoming came over with her little boy Wyatt. He was darling and Tucker loved having a kid to hang out with for a while.
I felt really sad when she had to leave. I met Candace when I moved to Star Valley when I was 14. We have been good friends ever since. We don't talk all the time, but when we do it's always for like an hour which I don't do with anyone else. I wish we could hang out every week. Anyway I better go get a nap.

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