Monday, May 22, 2006


Adam is my next oldest sibling. He is 5 years older than me. Much like Sarah, I did not know him very well growing up. I remember an incident when my dad was pretty mad at him and went in his room to destroy his collection of shot glasses. I remember he listened to Crash Test Dummies. I remember that when I was in Junior High he told me that I was the biggest loser in my school which made me cry because I was in fact a pretty big loser. He was a little shocked that I reacted that way, he was only kidding. I remember him telling me about a that I had sleep-walked into his room crying and he had had to carry me back upstairs to my room. I remember he and Sarah teased me a lot because when I was in elementary school I had talked in my sleep about s boy I liked, they would chant "Victor, Victor, my name is Victor" which is apparently what I said in my sleep. That would always make me really embarrassed and mad. When I was 12 I decided that I wanted to collect troll dolls, this is the one Adam got me ->
The day after my first kiss with Trent, Adam and I went to a stake singles dance together, I remember thinking how it was weird that we were going out doing something together like friends. I really liked it. The night before my wedding we had a family dinner and everone in Trents family told a story about him and my family told stories about me. Adam got up and said that I was the good child. In my mom's eyes I could do no wrong, even if there was evidence to the contrary. It was the first time I had heard that. It seemed funny to me, I was far from the perfect child. One of my favorite times hanging out was when I came to visit Mesa, I was pregnant with Tucker. I flew in and he picked me up from the airport.
He took me to lunch at a chinese place, The Bamboo Hut on Mill Ave. It was great, that was the first time I tried edamame(which I love now). We looked at some stores and then climbed the ASU mountain. I loved it!
I would describe Adam as good looking(all my friends say so), physically fit and athletic, health concious ( I remember him keeping weird health food stuff in our fridge like flax seed oil and other stuff, he also went through a vegetarian phase and has always worked out), holistic, aware of his environment, intelligent, a great cook, independant, silly and playful, a face maker, a joker, a hard worker, and someone who appreciates nature, beauty, art, and literature (a metrosexual?). Adam has always loved babies and is a wonderful, adoring father. He married this great girl who had two boys and fell into the father role so easily and they now have a baby girl together 2 weeks older than Charlotte. Her name is Moqui and she is darling.


Tori :) said...

He IS good looking. :) Sounds like a great brother. I always wanted an older brother. I thought it would be so cool.

Emily said...

You forgot to mention how he is one of the best storytellers and loves to sing along to the radio.

kare bare said...

i think its time you should know that every time i read your blogs, i laugh til i cry. i love them. sarah's and adam's are so accurate.

k said...

and you have world's most beautiful children

Tori :) said...

I was thinking "Wow- Robin's brother and sister are a lot older..." Then I realized- they're like MY age!!