Thursday, May 18, 2006

Charlotte's birth

So now I was considering an epidural. I have nothing against them, it brought me complete relief with Tucker. It's just that I have this thought that women for thousands of years have delivered their babies medicine free. My mom didn't always have the option of an epidural and neither do women all over the world today. So I figure I should be able to deliver at least one child without the assistance of a huge needle being inserted into my spine, leaving my legs feeling like a foot that's fallen asleep. But while my intentions were good this would not be the baby to arrive all natural. I got to a 6 and asked the nurse if I waited a little longer for an epidural if I woulld be able to get it. She told me they did not have an in house anesthesiologist, but that he was on his way to come in for a c-section that would be happening very soon and if I didn't get an epidural before he went in to the c-section, I would probably miss my chance. Well the pain and nausea were getting to me and I told her to go ahead and send him in when he got here. In the mean time I had to get my IV for the medicine to keep my baby safe from the Strep B virus I tested positive for weeks earlier. A nurse brought in a guy and told me he was training to be a paramedic and he would be putting in my IV. Flashback to Tucker's birth where a training nurse put in my IV and it was awful and hurt the whole time it was in. It was much the same, I hate needles and they make me nauseaus. It of course took like 3 times to get it in and made my nausea terrible and I was in tears and hating it. I called my big brother and told him to spread the word that I was at a six and things were going well. I also called Gina at this point and Michelle to ask her to come get Tucker. My doctor Dr. Wiley came in and tod me she would be doing the c-section down the hall. She jokingly told me that the plan was for her to go in a do the c-section and if I could be complete when she was finished that would be great. She left then and the anesthesiologist came in to prep me for my epidural. Michelle came in right at this point and took Tucker home with her. When I got my epidural with Tucker I had wanted Trent to sit in front of me and hold my hands while my mom watched the epidural, later he told me he wished he had gotten to see the epidural- he likes stuff like that. So this time around I had the nurse Ana (who I absolutely loved) come hold my hands and balance me so Trent could watch the action. My nausea was really bad at this point and I requested a pink puke catcher. And while the epidural itself was not as painful as the stupid IV it didn't help that I puked and peed my pantsless self while he gave it to me. And then when he was done I felt it necessary to announce to the nurse that I "just wet my pants a little bit". It didn't seem to phase her. She just thanked me for asking for a puke tray instead of puking on her with no warning- which has apparently happened before. Almost immediately I had total relief and laid down to relax. Then about 15 minutes later I was feeling uncomfortable. It wasn't contractions I was feeling and I was confused why I was feeling like this so soon after the epidural. Then I realized what I was feeling, I was complete. I told Trent - I think I'm a ten, go get the nurse. She came in and checked and sure enough I was complete. She went out to get the doctor, after a minute I was getting worried. Trent go get them I need to push. The nurse came back in and asked me to do a little push before we get the doctor, Just a little one she said. I gave a little push and she said, okay stop, I'll be right back. In a couple minutes she was back with Dr. Wiley. Trent had set up the video camera on a tripod behind me and we were ready to go. I did what you said, I told the doctor, she laughed and said I was the best patient. Two pushes and less than 5 minutes later I saw my baby doing a flip out of my body into the doctor's arms. I noticed the paramedic trainee had come in and stood at the back of the room to watch me give birth. The actual birth was awesome, it was so fast and she was so perfect and I didn't tear at all. (Having no stitches made my recovery so much better!)I couldn't believe how good I felt right after. It was shortly after 10 o'clock and I had my baby after less than 4 hours after being checked into the hospital. Our final name choices were Charlotte or Paisley. Trent asked if I thought she was a Charlotte and I told him he could choose because I liked both names. So she was Charlotte Joy Powell, 7lbs 8oz and 21 inches long. The one bad thing about such a quick experience was that I didn't get the four hours of antibiotic in my IV to protect Charlotte from the possible complications from Group B Strep. Luckily everything was fine!


Katie said...

What a great story! It's amazing how much better a recovery is when there aren't stitches.

Tori :) said...

Awesome story Robin!
Jealous of the no stitches. :( My dr. said if Liv had been a 6 or 7 pounder rather than an 8 pounder I wouldn't have torn. Bummer. I've had stitches on all 5. Ugh.:(

Gina said...

Yay, the finally! I am glad I got to read the whole story!

You should have told the trainee that you hate needles and you were a guinee pig the last time... I can't beleive you let them do that again... I remember you telling me the placement of your IV with Tucker... YUCK!

Anonymous said...

Even though I've heard this whole story before it is still so exciting! Maybe I'll post one about the adoption of my cats until I can come up with something more miraculous like this.

Anonymous said...

two pushes and 5 minutes later??

sorry, we can no longer be friends.