Thursday, May 25, 2006

Utah Oh Utah

Today is plenty warm and sunny and Trent mentioned I should wash my car. So after we ate lunch with him, I came home, put Charlotte down for a nap, put Tucker in the kiddie pool and washed the car. It was fun! I was reminded of a summer when I was 12 and a friend and I walked around with a bucket and towels and soap and sponges and went door to door selling car washes for 2 bucks, what a deal! We just used the hoses at the houses we went to. I don't remember how much we made, but we had a lot of fun washing cars in our swim suits and one guy gave us ten bucks cause he had just taken a road trip and we had to scrape a million bugs off his grill.
Anyway I hopped in the kiddie pool with Tucker and was just thinking about a bunch of
Things I am going to miss about Utah.
-Gina (and Ian and Liam)
-Michelle (and her boys)
-My house
-Thinking 90' is super hot
-The mountain views
-my Sunday School class
-Cafe Rio
-cherry trees

I am sure many more will come to mind when I am actually gone. But that's what I thought of today.


Tori :) said...

Whhhaaaaaa!!!!! :,( When I go back to Texas it seems a lot hotter to me than I remember when living there- not to mention freakin' humid!! Arizona is really hot, dry heat, huh? I lived there for a summer when I went to Anasazi- a wilderness survival camp. I absolutely LOVE AZ. Especially the area you're moving to. I'm jealous yet sad at the same time.

Gina said...

What a little business woman you were at a 12 years old! I had no idea! Der!

It touched my heart that I am at the top of your list. I love your guts, sexy lady!

Katie said...

I miss having so many cheap or free family-friendly activities and date night stuff to see and do.

Are you selling your home or trying to rent it out?

Unknown said...

You won't miss Care Rio for long. You're moving to ARIZONA, remember? There are plenty of places to take the place of Cafe Rio.

And Tori, why don't you just move to AZ too? It'd be superfun.

Tori :) said...

Abbie- I tried to get my hubby to move to AZ right after we got married, but he wouldn't. He said it didn't make sense to since we have no family there. And his point is...???

Anonymous said...

I miss the mountains, the spring, the fall, La Puente's smothered burritos, and my loved ones.

Anonymous said...

ok ok I understand why you'll be sad to leave Utah but hellooo just think off all the fun things you'll gain by moving back, like living a few houses down from me and Blake and being able to be here when our baby is born - oh and Sunday dinners with family and all the birthday parties! we've missed you guys so much and can't wait to see ya in a few weeks!