Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Emily is the sibling right before me. She is 3 years older than me. We spent many years of our childhood sharing a bedroom. I remember back massages before bed time and laughing and being silly. Emily introduced me to and got me liking country music and Billy Joel. Emily always seemed really cool to me. She had lots of friends that always seemed to be doing fun, cool things. I wanted to be like her in a lot of ways. I remember her telling me about the fun dance activities she would do and I particularly thought it was funny that a bunch of high school kids would dress up as muppets and sesame street characters for a costume themed dance. She was Oscar the Grouch, not very fitting for someone who seemed to me to always be upbeat. When she and her friends would get together everyone else in the house would go crazy because they would talk so loud and their voices seemed to get really high pitched. Typical bubbly teenage girls, I guess. Right before my freshman year and Emily's senior year we moved to Wyoming. Our house was still being built and the rest of the family stayed in Utah until it was finished, but we decided it would be better not to have to switch schools during the year. So Em and I moved into a one bedroom apartment with my dad who was living there to work and coming home on the weekends. We started at Star Valley High School and Emily was kind enough to let her dorky freshman sister eat lunch with her and her friends in the Senior hall until I found my own friends to eat with. That was pretty cool. I am feeling retarded that I can't think of way more specific childhood memories with Emily. Perhaps I am losing my mind or I just have a terrible memory- I do lose things on a regular basis.

Anyway I do know plenty of ways to describe her. Physically she has the cutest,most petite body with the roundest little bubble butt, she is healthy and very pretty-she even competed in the Mrs. Hawaii pageant (it's for married women). She is very intelligent and graduated BYU Hawaii. She is motivated, talented(a great writer), not afraid to tell you what she thinks, outgoing, a leader, organizer, and planner, a list maker, a traveler (she and her husband backpacked in Nepal for weeks), she loves reading and learning, she shares advice and recipes and her feelings, she is thoughtful and calls more than anyone else in my fam. She is adventurous and loves playing cards and board games. Emily, there is no one like you and I am lucky to have you as a big sister.


Tori :) said...

She does have a cute little petite body. Make me sick. :( It's neat to hear about your family!!

Katie said...

Holy cow---backpacking in Nepal? Competing in Mrs. Hawaii? I wish I was half as cool as Emily.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad SOMEBODY thought I was cool in high school, even if it was only my little siter, who didn't know any better.
Robin- I couldn't ask for a better sister or friend than you. Thank you for this very complimentary post.

Anonymous said...

ahhh...i wish i had a sister! i only have brothers haha. I absolutely love emily...just like how i love you robin!!