Saturday, May 20, 2006


I think I should do a post about each of my siblings. This will take up 8 posts and I think will be pretty fun. Sarah is the eldest. She is 6 years older than me. I didn't really know her that well when we were younger. I remember that she and Adam(my next sibling) were always buds and would sometimes gang up on us a little. I guess that's what big brothers and sisters are for. They always called my cousin Crabby Abbie and would chant "fly like a butterfly" to make us mad. I don't really even remember why that made us mad. She has very small ears and I remember her telling me that mine were big. I do have big lobes, they are going to make me an ugly old person. Anyway, I remember thinking she was really cool and wanting to listen to her music when we lived in California. I didn't really get to know Sarah until I was much older. Now we are great friends.
I think of Sarah as: a great mother, beautiful, strong willed, funny, creative-a fabulous scrapbooker and card maker, thoughtful, in great physical shape, stylish, sarcastic, picture shy, and so much more. She is someone I love to talk to, watch a movie with, eat food with, drink coke with, laugh at our kids with, and just be around. She makes me feel like I am special and funny.She is very supportive and encouraging. I remember her writing me a note wishing me luck before a track meet. She always tried to make it to my meets, she even took a small plane to Tucson to watch me at the state meet my Junior year. Not a lot of my family came to my meets, my dad would always try to make it, but I really thought it was cool that Sarah did too. She was one of the only ones at my graduation too. I am so pleased we will get to hang out more very soon and our kids will get to be friends. Sarah I love you and am glad to have you for a big sister.


Tori :) said...

Awesome description! You use such neat details that I would never think of- like "Camera shy."
You should've titled the post "Fly like a Butterfly!!!" ;)
I wanna hear about your old track days sometime too. You sound like you kicked butt. Did you run or do the pole vault or something?

Tori :) said...

Oh- and I've never noticed your "big lobes."

Gina said...

You don't have big lobes! The only thing you can say that is big is that nice butt of yours! Der!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I think you're earlobes look nice and chewable.
This post was nostalgic and highly entertaining, and sweet.
And ditto, Sarah you are a great big sister.

sarahb said...

I love you, Robin. Even if you did just manage to make me cry. I don't remember ever thinking you have big ears, let alone saying it out loud. I am sorry...I was once a wicked big sister, now I'm just big.:)

Anonymous said...

very accurate. she is also quite crude and makes great ugly faces. i got good big sisters