Monday, May 01, 2006

April's last weekend

Saturday morning Tucker,Charlotte and I went on a walk with the double stroller. We visited the Blackhursts for a few minutes and then went to check out the Peterson's yard sale. We then knocked on Tori's door a few times and got no answer. I think they were ignoring us, cause there were two cars in the driveway and I swear I could hear someone in there. Trent got the trampoline from Sam's club, but we've got to get the yard ready before setting it up. Trent and Tucker spent most of the day outside working on the yard. Trent rototilled the entire thing, front and back and then raked it spread grass seed and reraked. It was a long day. Tucker loved being outside in the gorgeous 70' weather pushing his plastic wheelbarrow all around. Later that night Tucker put some sunglasses around his neck and held them there with his chin and said, "I'm a doctor and I'm gonna check you out." His checkout of Trent involved an arm tickling and a little dance! Fabulous.
Sunday after church Trent realized how entertaining his kids could be. He smushed Charlotte's face into several chubby masterpieces and had a good laugh. She didn't seem to mind a bit. She really likes her Daddy time. We all do.

Trent got his job offer Friday, we are still doing a bit of negotiating and he should be emailed a written proposal today with all the details. I am trying to find some boxes today to start packing and organizing the things we don't use that much.

I have a couple more pictures to add but blogger is not cooperating right now. I'll try a bit later.


Tori :) said...

I'm sorry! I honestly did not hear anyone knocking. And if the boys were playing Playstation (Sei included) then they were probably waiting for me to open the door. Or, if it was in the morning and only 2 cars were there, then my mom, Sei, and Tristan were at a soccer game. Alec was at a sleepover and I was running on the treadmill before walking over to Gina's garage sale. I'm sorry! Let's set up a playdate for Friday. (My mom leaves on Thursday.) Wanna come and play??

Gina said...

Very cute post! Wow, an aspiring doctor and artist... he'll have you a really nice nursing home some day... LOL
We did steak and chicken last night again... soooooooo YUMMY! Missed you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah (!), a job offer! And why is Tucker so cute and funny?!! Charlotte has beautiful chub, Adam told me yesterday that he thinks Moqui is gaining a pound a day:) I'm surprised you bought a trampoline right before moving. I need a new mattress, B thinks it can wait a year, but I don't think so.