Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I am taking a break from my sibling posts for a few days or so because my internet connection sucks so bad lately that I cannot finish in time. After posting my Utah oh Utah post I thought of some things that I won't miss that much about Utah.
-the little neighbor boy who thinks he is welcome at any time even though there is nobody here even close to his age ( I guess Tucker still gets a kick out of him, but I don't)
-box elder bugs (or hump bugs as I call them)
-freezing my butt off all winter and not being able to have fun in the snow with a baby
-the "everyone in provo must be mormon like me" mentality-I know I am mormon but it still bugs me for some reason
-my swamp cooler making all our food soft
I look forward to
-family time
-babysitters I really trust my kids with
-date nights because I have those babysitters
-restaurants like Ned's Krazy Sub, Pei Wei, Cheesecake factory, Crackers, and The Landmark
-Tucker having tons of cousins to play with
-knowing people I trust to cut my hair
-Grandmas to spoil my kids
-Trent being home at a decent hour (morning and night)
A few other things I'll miss
my big shade tree
decent traffic
green grass and pretty plants


Gina said...

If you think Utah is Green, you should see the midwest... WOW GREEN. I get to go back to Indiana in less than 2 months!

I am excited you'll finally be HOME where you'll feel the most content with life. I am going to miss you something awful, but I know you'll be enjoying many more aspects in AZ and that's what is important, my love!

Unknown said...

Good news on the Crackers front: There's a new one being built right now on Greenfield and Brown. Who knows if it's closer than the other one, since the other one is right off the freeway, but hey, we could all use a little more Crackers in our lives.

Tori :) said...

Does the little neighbor boy's name start with a T.??? ;) I still remember the 1st time someone at a restaurant asked me what ward I was in. It was SO weird! I was like, "How the heck did HE know I was mormon??"
I hate swampcoolers. I hadn't even heard of them until I moved here.
I'm jealous that you'll be so close to family. :( Makes me miss mine more.
Let's play tomorrow. I'm free pretty much all day.

Anonymous said...

My catholic friend, Dan, went to the dentist one day and they asked him where he served his mission. It's even worse when they don't act embarrassed.

Gina said...

I had never heard of swamp coolers until I moved here either. And wow on Emily's comment... geez, people have a lot of nerve.