Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kare Bear

Karen is the sister just after me. She is 3 years younger. I mostly remember us fighting a lot when we were kids. A couple of particular moments I recall are:

  1. Her sitting on the counter kicking me and I grabbed both her feet and pulled on them so that she landed on her back on the floor
  2. She and I laying on the floor kicking and clawing at each other, she always managed to scratch me or pinch me so hard with her sharp little nails
  3. One time playing Scattegories and I threw this huge dice that has all the letters on it at her, she was bent down and I really just wanted to scare her, but at that moment she looked up and it hit her square in the mouth giving her a nice fat lip.

I loved to tease her. I would call her Honey Bulloney because she hated it and I would call her Bucky O’Hare, referring to her teeth. She has this cute little nose and it’s almost just like 2 nostrils stuck on her face so we sometimes called her E.T. I guess being a big sister just made me mean cause everyone picked on me and now it was my turn I guess. I do have sweet memories of her too. My favorite from our childhood is when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. Our class was learning songs for a Christmas program and there was one song in particular that we liked, it is called Emanuel. She would ask me to sing it to her over and over again when we were in bed before we fell asleep.

Karen is my little sister and I am always concerned about her. She is a grown woman now and it is strange to me that she could be married and having her own kids so soon. She is very beautiful, skinny, and stylish. She went to beauty school and she can pull off so many different hair styles and colors. She came here and lived with us for a few months at the end of 2004 and a little of ’05. It was so fun that Tucker got to know her so well. He referred to the bed in our guest room as “Karen’s bed” long after she moved. Karen is very sensitive, emotional, and a bit dramatic (like most of the women in our family). She has tons of friends and boys throwing themselves at her. She is known in our house for making the best potato salad and I think that is pretty much the only thing she makes. She is funny and affectionate and great! Like Adam, she has always just absolutely loved and adored babies. Karen I love you and I can’t wait for you to love on my babies all the time.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember any of the drama/fights between you and Karen. OMG!!!

Tori :) said...

I was mean to my younger sister too. I don't know why.
Had fun today!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey you skipped me

Gina said...

I was mean to Heidi, but it was all mental. I never layed a hand on her... didn't have to. I was evil only to her, isn't it horrible? We get along now and I am so glad I have her in my life.

Anonymous said...

there had to have been at least once where i kicked your ass